Friday, January 11, 2008

Lake Placid News

I think I've mentioned here before that I suffer from the double curse of being both easily amused and quickly bored. I found the following headline amusing: Placid man visits Japan to study martial arts. I didn't make it past the second sentence of the actual story...

Below you can click to hear an actual song (in streaming audio!) that has a theme related to martial arts. Before clicking, though, why not make a guess in the comments? (Hint: it's a very well-known song. No cheating!)

Mystery Tune


  1. Okay, I cheated. But I got it in four...

  2. Ah, Carl Douglas. Definitely near the top of my list of One-Hit Wonders.

    I blame Carl for making me self-conscious about my reverence for Bruce Lee, which leads me to suspect that my parents were the shadowy executive producers of this song.