Monday, January 21, 2008

Beat Us

Not really "engrish", but the shop sign below (crappy cell phone pic) caught my eye while I was walking home from the dentist's a few evenings ago. I don't know who works there or what exactly they sell but, given my usual mood after a dentist's appointment, I'm tempted to find out one of these days...

Nick Lowe-I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass


  1. If you are so brave as to explore, do come back, assuming you haven't been beaten to death, never mind relaxation, and tell us what it was like!

  2. AV,
    Heh, actually I was under the (perhaps mistaken) impression that I could go inside and beat up on them!

  3. Maybe it is named in tribute to the Fab Four.

  4. WAI,
    I see what you're getting at (I think!), but there's a syllable missing. The katakana (romanized) would be bi-to-ru-zu (like bee-toe-rue-zue). Say it quickly and it makes more sense!