Friday, January 18, 2008


OK, so my buddy Glenn and his buddy Dave have this weekly photo challenge thing going, where every week there's a different theme/challenge. As far as I can tell, anyone can particpate...

Anyway, this week's theme/challenge is cemeteries, and you'll find my contributions below. As you might imagine, Japanese cemeteries are not exactly overflowing with the kind of Christian imagery you'd find in a place like, say, New Orleans. (Being an atheist myself, however, any pretty picture will do when I'm dead...)

The main problem for me in a Japanese graveyard is that I'm not always sure about what I'm looking at. The grave site in the shot below looks very Christian to me, but it's located outside a clearly marked "Christian" section (see below). (Click to enlarge.)

I don't think the scene below needs any explanation. This is the Christian section of the cemetery (as if you couldn't tell). This section, by the way, is actually fenced off and requires a key, or secret password (or handshake), or the tablets from the Mount, I don't fucking know. In truth, it's probably fenced in to prevent unnecessary ogling from the Japanese. (I'm going to leave that sentence there to remind myself what an unfair asshole I can be.) Anyway, click to enlarge before I put my foot any further into my mouth...

"Resurgent!" Yeah, don't I fucking wish...


  1. Dude, with that empty booze bottle, are you sure that ain't New Orleans?

  2. Glenn,
    Heh, this is quite Japanese, actually. I can never be sure whether it's part of Shinto or Buddhist custom, though.
    Dead people hold no particular fascination for me. They're dead. Someday I'll be dead, too.
    I'm fascinated by the living, by life. In fact, I think life rocks.

  3. As long as you're still rocking with it ;-)

  4. Glenn,
    I'm tryin', bud, I'm tryin'...
    Man, I love the Allman Brothers...
    I've almost given up on writing here and elsewhere. Images and music...
    I wanna write...

  5. alcohol, candles, and what kind of flora is that twiggy thing?

    Cemeteries seem to inspire more swearing in you than the dentist does.

  6. Taff,
    I'm not sure about the flora, except that it looks a bit old and dried up.
    Pain and death, what else could make a man swear? ;-)