Monday, September 10, 2007

I Had to Pay for a Band-aid, but I Didn't Marry a Man...

For anyone who cares, I'm back from a great couple of weeks in Nova Scotia. There'll be lots of (crappy) photos in the near future, and I may even try my hand at actually writing something. While I'm checking out what you all have been up to, a few random comments...

Damn, I didn't think it could be done (by me), but it was: over two weeks without so much as a sniff of the internets (although I gotta say I'm a little disappointed that I didn't lose any weight; on the plus side, my bum shoulder seems to have healed itself...).

Speaking of losing weight, yikes! Every time I leave Japan it seems I've entered "Land of the Giants." My fellow North Americans, please, hit the salad bar once in a while, will ya?

There is such a thing as normal, and it ain't bad: Watching my daughter and my mother get to know each other was a fuckin' trip...

Beer seems to have a more pronounced effect when coupled with jet lag/lack of sleep. Think of the money we could all save if only I could get a government grant to study this!

You may like it, you may hate it, but it's a fact: Canadians (or people acting like them) will eventually take over the world and usher in an era of world peace and high taxes...

It's a little tough to love a place as much as I love Halifax, and know there's nothing there for me that will sustain my family the way Japan has and will continue to do...

Seeya soon...


  1. Welcome home. I'm looking forward to all the pictures and stories.

    Oh, sorry you didn't find Mr. Right.

  2. Glenn,
    The search continues...

  3. Welcome back! You were certainly missed.
    I feel really sad when I hear there's nothing at home that can help you stay there, given the fact you come from such a beautiful country, and I can't help but wonder how Canada is able to support immigrants and is expelling you. Nothing racist of course, just pure surprise.
    Again, WELCOME BACK!!

  4. Usual Stuff,
    Thanks! Canada isn't exactly "expelling" me (not yet, anyway!). There are just not many companies/institutions hiring people with MA's in the humanities. Canada accepts/recruits about 300,000 immigrants each year. None of them have taken a job from me.