Sunday, August 12, 2007


I'm sorry that so many of my pictures are shot from my back balcony (like the ones below). This is the point from which I (usually) blog, and this is what I see as I look out the window. This view is constantly changing, and these changes fascinate me. I'm in love with the sky, the clouds, the colors. I hope it's not too boring for you...


  1. And the legs?
    Sorry couldn't resist it. It's great. I did a series of shots a couple of years ago of the Eiffel Tower each day on the way to work. I loved seeing that over the weeks you could see that sun rose in a slightly different place and that gradually Autumn set in. Cool.

  2. Yeah, where are the legs?

    Funny thing this... I took some similar pics last night from my window - only the sky lacked those incredibly dramatic clouds. Series photos are amazing, they give you a real sense of time and place.

  3. Those are some amazing cloud formations.

  4. clouds make me daydream... They look like unearthly kingdoms floating peacefully about the turmoil of earthly life...

  5. Beautiful pictures. I'm a proponent of studying the same view over time. Didn't Hiroshige get kind of hung up on views of some mountain in Japan?

  6. V and AV,
    The legs again? Let me think on it...
    Yeah, maybe a series could be good...

    Yeah, and I see similar ones pretty much every day right outside my window.

    Usual Stuff,
    Yeah, until a bomb drops from one of them! ;-)

    Thanks. I've heard that about some Japanese artist, but can't remember if it was Hiroshige. I suppose we could just Google it.

  7. Well, atomic bombs make great clouds too.