Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Morning Walk of a Dork with a Camera

This morning I woke up feeling... no pain!! I've still got some numbness in my right arm and hand (from the pinched nerve I've been whining about recently), but it doesn't hurt any more! I felt so good that today I resumed my regular morning walk. I took along my camera (click to enlarge)...

Starbucks has only been in Miyazaki for about a year, and already there are three outlets. This one is only a 5-10 minute walk from my place. It wasn't open yet when I took this picture, but you'll notice that this Starbucks has a drive-thru (I've never seen this in Canadian Starbucks shops). Yes, now you can wait in the comfort of your car while the schmuck in front of you orders a half-caf double decaf latte...

Resistance is futile... Actually, I'm quite happy to see foreign pc companies make inroads in Japan because, frankly, the big Japanese pc makers (Sony, Fujitsu, NEC) suck...

The front of Miyazaki's train station.

The back of Miyazaki's train station.

Miyazaki's space station is just down the street.

He may be a dork with a camera, but his choice of hockey teams is beyond reproach...


  1. There's a kind of grim industrial quality in those images - is it really like that.
    Oh er - nice legs - I think.

  2. Hmm, I kinda see what you mean, AV, possibly it's just lighting and location. Miyazaki has almost no "industry" to speak of. Truth be told, Japanese cities are not particularly attractive in daylight.
    Heh, my legs are about the only part(s) of my body that I still trust!

  3. The legs are tantalizing. But why the eight-ball on the tee-shirt?

  4. Eight-ball?! Those are fighting words!! Eh? Oh, I just noticed. OK. It's actually a "B" (inverted in the photo). It's the logo of my beloved Boston Bruins.
    Hmm... two compliments about my legs in one day...

  5. LOL - try shorter shorts next time and see what happens...

  6. DRIVE-THRU STARBUCKS!!! Ye Gads! Yeah the legs are not too hairy BTW.

  7. Oh, wow, I just enlarged the picture of you and noticed the outline down your left leg.

    Oh, wow, triple wow.

    Dude ...

  8. Verilion,
    Yeah, drive-thru kinda goes against the "image" a bit, doesn't it?
    Enough with the "legs"already! ;-)

    Dude, I hate to disappoint you (and nobody's more disappointed than me!), but it's just a fold in my loose-fitting shorts. Besides, it looks like it's growing out of my leg!