Friday, August 17, 2007

True Canadian Facts! (1)

Pamela Anderson was famous from the very moment of her birth. Born on July 1st, 1967, she was officially proclaimed Canada's "Centennial Baby" (the first baby born on Canada's 100th birthday). [According to Wikipedia, however, this would later be shown to be incorrect, as another baby was actually born a couple of hours earlier.]

Not only that, but Anderson has apparently appeared on more covers of Playboy than any other model.

[DISCLAIMER: The appearance of this post immediately following a post on gay marriage in Canada is nothing more than pure coincidence. Honest!]


  1. I dunno, Glenn, I kinda, like, imagine her approaching me, like, looking like that, with that look on her face, and... umm... then I feel kinda funny, ya know...
    Anyway, as the bible tells us...

  2. Aaauuuurrrggghhhhhh! Protect yourself!

  3. A friend of mine showed me her 'home' video and I could only think 'Nuttin' Special'.

  4. Gay marriage and then Pamela Anderson... just where is this blog going, Kyklops.
    Bring back the legs, I say!

  5. Merkin,
    Sorry, seem to have missed this comment. "Nuttin' Special"? This sounds suspicious...

    I never know where I'm going with this blog--not a "grand vision" type o' guy! As for the legs, I'm still trying to work out something "tasteful" (i.e. non-humiliating... for me!).