Thursday, August 16, 2007

The "Holy Trinity"...

...of the Canadian music scene:

Neil Young

Leonard Cohen

Joni Mitchell

'Nuff fucking said... for now. More Canadiana tomorrow!


  1. Ah, those three are the best. Talk about a holy trinity. I really believe you guys hit it hard with Leonard Cohen. Good crimminy, he is cooler than cool and "born with the gift of a golden voice."

  2. WAI,
    You just know that LC is still a babe magnet!

  3. Hey Kyklops, The best concert I ever went to was Leonard Cohen in San Francisco in 1993. He was confident and effortlessly handsome with his 'golden voice'. Everyone in the audience wanted to sleep with him, women and men.

  4. Hi there NMJ,
    I have no doubt that Cohen gave a great concert. He exudes a rare combination of down-to earth masculinity, sophistication, and artistry that even louts like me can sense (although I'd rather have a beer with him than sleep with him!).

  5. Men Without Hats, perchance?

  6. Merkin,
    What? In the "holy trinity"? Or in the category of men I'd sleep with?

  7. Dunno the answer to that, but any band which can come up with the immortal line :

    'You want a room with a view?
    'You need ideas for walls'

    has carte blanche with me.

  8. You would sleep with men without hats? I'll have to give that some consideration.

    As for your "holy trinity", I thought those three came from Southern California, like Malibu or some place like that.

  9. Glenn,
    Very funny!
    As for the "trinity", I suspect a lot of Americans believe the same thing, but I can assure you the three of them are Canadian citizens. I might add that not all "American" music comes from the USA...

  10. Even 'God Bless America' was written Israel Baline - born in 'Russia'