Sunday, January 07, 2007

Return of the Dork with a Camera

Just got back from six action-packed days in Tokyo. Details (well, some details) will be coming over the next few days. Right now I want to find out what you guys have been up to...


  1. Hello, Kyklops. I stumbled upon your blog whilst you were away and now link here, as I like your perspective on things. I have a friend who is considering a move to Japan, so I'll be clueing him in as well.

    Anyway, nice blog. I'll be back.

  2. Maht,
    Thanks for dropping by, and thanks for the link! I've reciprocated and look forward to giving your blog a closer look after I've done some post-holiday catching up.

  3. choking on New Year's grapes, wearing myself out on social engagements, getting short of time for house chores, cleaning the whole dinner mess, and enjoying the pleasure of being healthy and having my loving family around me.
    Hope yours was as good as mine.

  4. Thanks Usual Stuff, I'm glad you had a good holiday season!