Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Me & the Buoys

When we were in Tokyo a couple of weeks back we made a short side trip to the resort area of Atami, where we spent a night in a Japanese style hotel, complete with onsen, dinner served in your room, nothing much to do, etc. Unfortunately I was unable to visit the "Atami Adult Museum" (but it sounds interesting...). It was actually a bit cold and dreary while we were there, but here's a few photos from the trip.

Atami and one of it's beaches.

Some boats in the harbor.

Another boat and some seagulls.

Some kind of harbor/lighthouse thingie.

The water.

Two buoys in the water.


  1. Man, you've got a keen eye for photography.
    I would love to be able to visit Japan. I've heard traditional hotels are cool. Did you get a pillow stuffed with rice, or is it an urban legend only?

  2. Usual Stuff, thanks for your (too kind!) words. I've stayed in places with some small, hard pillows (and my wife's family has them too) full of some kind of grainy substance. Maybe it is rice, but I've never asked. They're not very comfortable!

  3. Salamaat,
    hahah rice pillows! These pics are awesome..i love being close to water...it's just something so serene about it.

    I am glad you seem to have enjoyed your vacation!

  4. Thanks a lot for answering my curious question. I promise you I'll try not to try them (jajaja). On the other hand, I'm a very special person for photography. Your pictures really tell me something

  5. Maliha, glad you liked the pics, and yes, it was a pretty good holiday!

    Usual Stuff, just curious: what do you mean that my pictures tell you something? (I only ask because I don't consider myself to be much of a photographer--just point and shoot!)