Thursday, March 04, 2010

Vacant Lot, After the Rain


  1. The photo - building and its reflection on the puddle - is beautiful.
    But this kind of urban organization is very ugly. And sad...oh, so sad!

  2. Claudia,
    I hear that soon there'll be a nice parking lot in this spot. There is generally not much green in Japanese cities--at least not compared to Canada/US. How about Brazil?

  3. Brazil is a very big country, I don't know about all cities here, but I do know that in Rio greenery is the scenery.

    What I also know is that in some Brazilian cities near the Amazon Forest, people think asphalt and cement means progress, so they love to build huge parking lots and avenues taking out as many trees as they possibly can. And they are proud of the desert they create - hot, but "civilized"... So ironic, isn't it?

  4. Claudia,
    It's like the old Joni Mitchell song--they paved paradise and put up a parking lot...

  5. Yeah, precisely!

    I love this music. When I first heard it I couldn't understand the lyrics well. I swear I listened "They made paradise to put up with this fucking life". Something like they (church, man, whatever) created the idea of paradise so that we could stand this crazy life. I thought it was very bold and clever and checked the lyrics in the internet... ops, I was wrong!