Saturday, March 13, 2010

Something in the Air

Back in my uni days I had a friend who would stand outside the student union building passing out copies of the Socialist Worker. She had the red hair of the Irish, and sometimes I would get into drunken debates about politics with her and her friends. I was kinda sweet on her.

As important as Earth's ecology and environment is, maybe we'll never get that shit together until we work out some kind of human ecology. As annoying as they may sometimes be, we need people like my friend. I remember around the time I got my Master's and just before coming to Japan, my thesis advisor (and mentor) worried that the collapse of the Soviet Union/"communism" would reduce to capitalism without a conscience. Fuck, was he ever right.

Anyway, tonight I was listening Tom Petty's version of the classic Thunderclap Newman tune, "Something in the Air." I thought of my friend.

"Run through the fields and houses..."


  1. One of the things the fall of the Soviet Union did was reduce the U.s. to "enemy shopping". We are now picking on someone(s) not our own size I believe- because a world without enemies is too terrifying to consider?

  2. Susan,
    I tell ya, the world has just gone to shit without the USSR!