Monday, March 01, 2010


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  1. It was incredible. Those Triple Lutzes! That Quad! But, seriously, can you explain to me why the American team seemed so sullen during the medal ceremony? I was embarrassed. I mean, it was "Silver"!

  2. Glenn,
    I had to zip off to work, so I didn't see the ceremony. The American team had a very good tournament, and today they played a great game (and I'm not simply trying to be gracious--they really almost won it). These guys are all professional athletes--finishing second is "losing" to them. After the game they played today I don't blame them for being disappointed.

  3. And to top it all...
    William Shatner at the closing cermonies:
    "Canada... We. Dream. Big."
    Canada can be really proud.

    That's probably why the US hockey team was pouting---south of the border here, we like to think of Capt. Kirk as American.

    No, but really, it must be so painful for Olympic athletes to lose by microseconds, the way they often do... I bet they're always thinking of some way they could have shaved that down by a hair.
    I'd be sullen too.

    Thanks for recommending "Slap Shot"--I've added it to my Netflix queue.

  4. Fresca,
    I recognize Shatner even when what he says is only written. Hope you enjoy the movie!