Saturday, March 15, 2008

Weekly Photo Challenge: "Squalor"

The theme this week for Glenn and Dave's Weekly Photo Challenge this week is "squalor." Unfortunately I haven't had time this week to go out and take a picture of some place in a condition of squalor, so today I've been sitting here at work racking my brain and hoping for inspiration. If only there were someplace nearby that at least had the appearance of being squalid...

I gazed at my work area...

I looked again...

Some detail began to emerge. Was this a cry for help?


  1. How can you live like that?

  2. Sorry, K, but that (in squalor terms) is the equivalent of a landscaped leafy London suburb. My "work area" on the other hand has, up 'til recently, looked like the newest shanty outskirts of Mexico City in comparison. I can write "Clean Me" on my vacuum cleaner.

  3. Glenn,
    Hell, man, I don't live there, I work there!

    My wife would faint if she saw this!

    I can write "Clean Me" on my vacuum cleaner.
    Good one!