Monday, March 03, 2008

My Girl

Excuse me while I get a bit sappy...

Rolling Stones-My Girl


  1. I did not see anything resembling a pine tree in any one of those pictures.

  2. me neither.
    It isn't anyway, 'tis properly senitmental, or should I say properly pleased to be blessed so.

    I think sappy should slappy its crappy image, and call itself embracing happy.

    What are those fluidly formed tan rock like things?

  3. Brendan and Taff,
    Yesterday was hina matsuri ("girl's day") in Japan, so I was feeling a little "sappy."

    Those are fluidly formed tan rock like things! Just natural formations of rock and sand (caused by the ocean), I think. There will be more of that type of thing coming very soon.

  4. Lovely shots of your daughter. Nothing quite like a child exploring a beach.
    Now, where's my bucket and spade, there are castles to be built!

  5. AV,
    And explore we did! And collect shells. And eat ice cream...