Sunday, March 02, 2008


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  1. I'm running out of words. If you don't get more comments from me, know that you're doing right by my way of thinking and seeing ...

  2. Glenn,
    As always, thanks for your kind comments and encouragement! As I've said before, I'm just posting stuff that looks interesting to me. If other people (like you, for instance) like it too, well, that's just groovy!

  3. You are really shinning here on this whole sequence thing. I really love all of these groupings of photos. I am telling you this here and now, because I am too lazy to keep leaving separate comments on all of them. I mean when I do such, then I feel compelled to explain what is so great about each set, and each individual picture, and that involves thinking, and thoughts, and word selecting, and the typing of keys, and the ability to read and get right that darn word verifcation thingy.
    keep up the good work.
    consider me lazy and impressed.

  4. Taff,
    Thanks! I've been posting a lot of pics lately (and will be posting a lot more!), so please (anyone/everyone) don't feel obliged to comment (although I confess that I have nothing against compliments!).

  5. Love, love, love that top one! Stunning stuff! Tell me Mr K, do you have a flickr account?

    And oh, am putting together a post at the mo, in which there is an 'ittle something for you. (Bloody awards, again! ;-P )

  6. AV,
    Thanks, and yes, I do have a flickr account, but I haven't uploaded anything there for about a year (hmm... better check). I suppose it might be a good place to store raw images (I post the ones I like here!).
    Another award? My head is too big as it is!

  7. Directions to your flickr account, please? (Assuming your head hasn't burst.) ;-)

  8. AV,
    You should be receiving an email as I'm typing this!