Saturday, February 07, 2009

Things You Learn as You Get Older...

You know all that lame, stupid shit that used to drive you crazy when you were younger?

Guess what. You're doomed. Doomed, I say, to teach it to your kids.

Tonight, out of the fucking blue, I taught my daughter the "Chicken Dance."

You've gotta believe me. I had no fucking idea that I even knew the chicken dance. I was, like, just playing around with my kid and, next thing I knew, I was teaching her the chicken dance. What have I done? What kind of future am I giving my daughter?

[If you didn't at least crack a smile at that second video, well, have a nice day in hell! Thank you, YouTube.]


  1. I hope the woman dancing on the second vid was drunk because doing that sober would just be sad. Or ironic.

  2. Sornie,

    It's possible that I'm wrong, but what I really liked about that clip is that the young woman dancing clearly knows she's goofing around, the person taking the video knows it, and I see this and know it myself.
    This makes it almost celebratory--they're just having fun, goofing around. I enjoyed that video the same way I enjoy watching my own daughter goofing around, with the kind of laughter that no "professional" could ever elicit from me.

  3. You're a horrible, cruel man for passing that on. You'll be teaching her the Macarena next.

    I usually hate videos of people acting like jackasses, but that second one had a certain innocent fun about it.

  4. Rob,
    That's basically what I saw in the second clip.
    The Macarena is a bit past my time. I feel no regrets about this, though!

  5. What are they teaching those kids in College these days?