Monday, February 09, 2009

Jugs o' Whiskey

I guess there's nothing particularly unusual about a 4 liter jug o' whiskey (mmm... whiskey...), but I was mildly surprised to come across a booze section while shopping at the newest Yamada Denki here in Miyazaki.

Yamada Denki is Japan's largest chain of electronics shops. Their stores tend to be really big--imagine a WalMart with nothing but electronics--and this new one, aside from being huge, also has a pharmacy, sells kitchenware, booze, and designer goods. Need a new watch? Here they start at about a buck and go all the way up to a Rolex. Pretty clever, if you ask me. The store I was in yesterday recently opened across the street from a competitor's shop (Kojima), which itself had opened less than a year ago.

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