Friday, December 07, 2007

Vending Machines, No. 12

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  1. I don't trust them.
    It looks like some sort of set up (trap). They lure travelers over to look at the map, and when they get close enogh "Bam!" the machines attack them.

    (and I am not sure about the next part, either they use your body for fuel to power themselves, or they use your parts to create the items they serve in the machine. Probably a bit of both. Or if you are not high product quality, they toss you into a pit in the ground below them, and you have this factory/wharhouse sort of work you have to do, burning up the other fuel people and making the vending machine products)

  2. Those two are looking far too cosy - is it just me or can I hear whispering...

  3. Well, a map without vending machines would be pretty silly IMHO. Consulting a map is thirsty work.

  4. Taff,
    I'd be careful about such public musings about these machines (begins with "m" and rhymes with "forelocks"...).

    See my reply to Taff's comment...

    Indeed, it is "thirsty work". Especially when you consider that Japanese maps tend to be a bit, shall we say, "abstract"...

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