Monday, December 03, 2007

Opening Salvo

Heh, cool. My first blog post from a hotel room. And I'm drinking beer, too! You'd think an almost-50-year-old guy could think of something a bit more... reflective to say on such an auspicious occasion, but fuck it. I've decided that I rather like blogging and drinking in hotel rooms, and I don't care what the neighbors might think...

[Note to self: it's all fine and dandy to have rockin' tunes on the laptop, but next time you'll have to remember that laptops have crap speakers... more beer might "fix" the problem, though...]

Great song title (and pretty good tune, too): ZZ Top: "A Fool for Your Stockings".

Fukuoka is a good, fun city (about the same size as Vancouver), and I recommend it to anybody visiting Kyushu, but I've been here a million times. Bring on Manila!

You already knew this: Repeated listening has led me to believe that Dream Syndicate must have heard a few Velvet Underground albums...

A good friend told me that when he was in Manila one time the band Rage Against the Machine was staying at the same hotel. In the hotel lobby they had a sign that read "Welcome, Rage Against the Machine!" Thinking about this induces the giggles...

This is why the Japanese will conquer the world (thanks Japan Probe):

For all the talk about the iphone, I can't think of a single reason why anyone in Japan would want to buy one--collectors aside (and really, compared to what's available here, it's an antique). (Prompted by my purchase yesterday of a new keitai).

Chuck Berry's "Nadine" must surely be ranked among the greatest performances of all time. Chuck fuckin' Berry! Ouch!

More ZZ Top: "Sure Got Cold After the Rain Fell". You know, back in my drum-playin' daze, ZZ Top had almost god-like status. Not because they were "fashionable", and not because they were "cutting edge" (although Eliminator, in my opinion, ranks as one of the most ground-breaking rock albums of all-time). No, ZZ Top just played like everyone else could only dream of playing, they were every rocker's favorite band...

Ahh... The Yardbirds... now there was a band...

Early flight tomorrow, must sleep...


  1. Wow, great drunken ramble. And I should know. I'm still drunk from last night.

  2. Have some more beer, dear - hic... ;-)

    Nearly 50? Are you sure? Those legs didn't look that old! If they are, don't show them to me again - I can just look at my own! ;-)

  3. Glenn,
    I'm paying for it today...

    Flattery will get you every where! And now that you mention it, I showed you mine...

  4. Heh! Only once they're tanned after a long tropical holiday! We can't have you seeing signs of aging, now, can we!