Thursday, December 27, 2007

Seagulls (2)

Continuing from the previous post (click to enlarge)...


  1. Kyklops, oh man, these are great. They are really quite beautiful birds (from this distance). I love the shot (2nd from top) with the bird and the wings folded in. At first, I couldn't tell if he was coming or going. I love the movement though. And I just adore the bottom shot from the first post. There is something about the light, the color of the birds, it seems almost surreal.

    Beautiful, Mr. Kyklops.

  2. Love these.
    While I think the bottom one is best, I like the middle one best.

    I shall try not to steal them as screen savers/desktop art.

  3. WAI,
    Thanks! It's funny because those shots are the ones I like the best, too. They both turned out looking (to me) almost like paintings.

    Thanks again! Please feel free to "steal" anything you like (unless, of course, you're planning to make a million bucks with it; in that case, please cut me in!).

  4. Wow you have been busy over the holidays. I'm just catching up now. I love that middle shot, I like the movement in it and that the centre gull seems a little blown around. Cool pics.

  5. Verilion,
    Thanks! Yeah, I like that shot, too.