Friday, December 15, 2006

"Santa" Post Script

Thanks to a well-placed link from James at Japan Probe, my "Santa" post generated more page hits in two days than I usually get in two or three weeks. Somehow my story also made its way to a blog, Table of Malcontents. As far as blogs go, I'm not talking huge numbers here--a couple hundred visitors in two days. Still, that's a huge spike for this humble site. Witness the chart below:

Heh, yeah, before that link from Japan Probe it was basically family members and a few ex-students (psychos who happen to be stalking me) that visited this little blog. I have to confess, now that hundreds of people have read my blog, I'm feeling a little pressure to "perform", to keep those page hits a-comin'. Well, in case any of my loyal "old guard" readers are worried about the high standards of this blog succumbing to the temptation to sacrifice quality for numbers, I hereby offer this solemn pledge:
I, Kyklops, hereby do solemnly swear to my loyal readership that I shall:
--never make gratuitous posts about "Nude Japanese Girls!!!"
--generally refrain from any mention of "Japanese Pornography!!!" (except in the context of stories dealing with "Strange Sexual Habits of the Japanese!!!")
--never write the phrase "Japanese Girls Want Your White Ass!!!"
--make no mention of the abomination known as "Kitty-chan"

This is my solemn pledge to you, my dear readers. For you are the wind beneath my wings...


  1. And I solemnly swear I will continue posting about all those things, except kitty-chan. Gotta keep the the legions of perverted readers happy, ya know!

  2. James! Heh, I certainly was not trying to make any insinuations... Honest!

  3. We are doubtless safe with you, wise Kyklops! :)