Sunday, July 16, 2006

Who's that dork with Ultraman?!

Believe it or not: in a goofy kinda way, one of my happiest moments in Japan!


  1. Salaamat,
    you are such a dork:p

    who is ultraman?

  2. Hi Maliha,
    Heh, standing in line with a bunch of elementary school-aged kids to get my picture taken with Ultraman pretty much marks my place in the lore of dorkdom. Ultraman is a kind of Japanese superhero who fights evil monsters and such. He was much more popular back when I was a kid watching his movies (dubbed into English) on Saturday afternoons back in Canada. Only Godzilla is higher in the pantheon of Japanese movie characters (man, what I would give to have a pic of me and Godzilla!!).