Monday, August 20, 2007

True Canadian Facts! (2)

Our wingnut friends in the south are veritable fonts of information and trivia about Canada. They certainly know us better than we know ourselves and we really appreciate their unceasing efforts to educate us and keep us in our place.

--Canada sent troops to Vietnam. (Ann Coulter)

--Canada exists solely through the good graces of its American benefactors. (Ann Coulter)

--Canadians are mentally-retarded stalkers who obsess about the United States. Anybody with any ambition at all in Canada has left and now lives in New York. (Tucker Carlson)

--"Without the U.S., Canada is essentially Honduras, but colder and much less interesting." "... the average Canadian is busy dogsledding." (Tucker Carlson)

--[...] Canadians... are often among the nicest and most decent people you'd ever want to meet. They just don't live in a normal country. (Jonah Goldberg)

--Canada is a haven for terrorists. "[...] virtually every terrorist organization in the world has come to and set up shop at one time or another in Canada..." (Pat Buchanan)

--"[...] Canada is a homo-fascist state where the filthy fag agenda has become the law of the land." "God hates Canada!" (Fred Phelps)

As a Canadian it pleases me that these (and many other) luminaries of the arts and sciences in America have devoted their time and energy to the study of Canada and all things Canadian, and have, by their selfless and untiring efforts, contributed to the world's knowledge and understanding of Canada. Bless you all, and please, keep up the good work!


  1. I want to live there more than ever - just to get away from all the jerks.

  2. Was having a look elsewhere on the blog and saw the article on the 'Blah, blah' game.
    Interesting for me because I spent 10 years in Eastern Europe poisoning youthful minds. In addition, I did apply for a job teaching in Japan at one time.
    No matter, you may like this link which allows you to write your very own Dubya speech and hear him read it.

    Hours of fun for all the family.

  3. Glenn,
    To be honest, I only get back there every couple of years and I've been away for so long that I really don't know if it's still "my beautiful country". I hope so!

    I'll check out the link. The post you refer to was (as you've surmised) not really about teaching English. I am an English teacher here, but I don't post much directly related to TEFL, and even when I do talk about it I'm mostly "bullshitting".