Thursday, August 16, 2007

My Home and Native Land...

Next Thursday I'll be heading home for a couple of weeks. In the run-up to this long-awaited, highly-anticipated return (and because I have no ideas for anything more interesting), an onslaught of things Canadian.

The national animal of Canada is the beaver. This is not a fit subject for jokes:

It may not always be obvious, but Canadians are fun-loving, life-of-the-party-types:

Just getting warmed up...


  1. Oh buggery, bloody clips won't play!

    But rock away with all things Canadian - like many of my lot I've considered moving there - enjoyed the very tiny bit I've seen of the place and really enjoyed the people! Vancouver reminds a lot of us of "home" - Toronto offers lots of opportunities which some of the other of our lot enjoy - and all that space - well, just like "home" again - guess that's why so many of "my lot" go there. ;-)

  2. AV,
    check the vids out next time you're back; they're short and amusing. "All that space" is probably what I miss the most. Well, that and hockey on TV.

  3. So funny. My actor friend, Keith, has just turned me on to Slings and Arrows, a Canadian series about a Canadian theatre troupe. I haven't seen anything this good in years. It's a classic.

    Living in the old U S of A, those northern provinces are looking better and better every day. Unfortunately, you guys have wised up since the Vietnam War. Now we can't get in without a guaranteed job.