Thursday, August 09, 2007

Random Miyazaki Pics

A few more pics taken near where I live, in case anyone's curious:

Tachibana-dori, Miyazaki's main street.

City "center".

Takachiho-dori, which intersects Tachibana at the center of town.

Some cranes; a pretty common sight.

A parking area for bicycles near the train station.


  1. yes, where are they - in the shorter shorts?

  2. V and AV, I'm saving up all my leg shots for an upcoming "Kyklops' Legs Extravaganza". And yeah, I have shorter shorts!

  3. Never seen that many bikes in one place.

  4. John,
    Thanks for dropping by. Actually, Miyazaki is a pretty small city (about 350,000). You should see some of these bike parking areas around, say, Tokyo (which has about 75 kazillion people!).

  5. How come that your streets always look clean, neat, almost deserted, knowing as I do millions of people are crammed in so little space?

  6. Usual Stuff,
    Haha! That's because most of the pics are taken between 6:30-7:00 am...