Tuesday, December 21, 2010

On the Curative Powers of Hockey

Serious case of the blahs lately... I've spent the past couple evenings watching illicitly downloaded hockey games in an effort to cheer myself up. Just watched a replay of the ass-kicking Canada laid on Russia during the Olympics. It was even better than last night, when I re-watched Canada beat the U.S. for the gold medal. I think it's working... Yes, definitely. I just smiled to myself...


  1. Your remedy reminds me of Cliff's Crib 11/23/10 Thanksgiving post. He says he's thankful for:
    Tracy Porter's two interceptions - If I am ever on life support play this clip and if I don't at least crack a smile go ahead and pull the plug. I'm already talking to my grandparents.
    maybe you are still tired from that big trip... sp

  2. Yes, that's exactly it, Sussah. It's not being "tired," really. More like wishing I were somewhere else...