Friday, October 01, 2010

Tumbling Dice

In my admittedly less-than-humble opinion, the best Stones tune (and therefore the greatest tune ever--there's room for argument, of course, about which Stones tune is the greatest tune ever):

For me, this beats the shit out of any Beatles tune--and really, that's what The Beatles did: tunes. "Tumbling Dice" is a rock tune like nothing The Beatles ever did (or were capable of). The Stones were/are a band and, frankly, The Beatles were not.  Where are the great Beatles jams? There are none. None. Ringo was the best Beatle.

Charlie will forever be the best Stone.


  1. I feel like maybe I post too many "me too" comments here whenever you bring up the Stones but, well, me too. And I think the whole Beatles/Stones debate is a great example of what you were talking about in your earlier post. The Beatles were all about being "clever" and cutesy and showing the world how smart and enlightened they were. I know people like that in real life who just irritate the fuck out of me. The Stones just recognized a simple truth: rock music doesn't need overthinking and reinventing, it just needs to be done RIGHT.

  2. Dave,
    I love The Beatles (and I'm reasonably sure that you do too), but in the last few years it's dawned on me that Stones/Beatles = apples/oranges--there are some commonalities, but The Beatles were a pop band and The Stones are a rock band. And I'm with you about the essential nature of rock.