Sunday, December 13, 2009


You don't see this every day.

[Via: Sadly, No!]


  1. "You don't see this every day."

    And there's a very good reason for this.

  2. I'm glad you got the embedding super power back.

    I like that they left the bit in the middle for dancers' improv.

  3. I almost choked with my laughing here!!! Seeing the video with Bigezbear words ringing in your mind ("And there's a very good reason for this") was really funny.

    I wondered about the correlation between the lyrics and the choreography and also between the clothes used by the singers and the ones used by the dancers. I guess there is no correlation at all between those elements and perhaps that is why it is so funny!

  4. How corny!! I didn't know if I was going to choke on puke or laughter.

    Really funny.

  5. Claudia,
    Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Glenn's (Bigez.) observation is probably correct!

  6. Hi--
    Art Sparker recommended your blog to me, for your cool photos. And she was right.

    Browsing through your blog tonight, I stopped to look at this video because I have an interest in Finland, and I see it's the same vid Linus Torvalds blogs a wee bit about a week or so later--it must have been making its way around the nets.
    (You know, Torvalds is the FInnish guy who created Linux operating system.)
    In case you're interested:

    Thanks for your work.

  7. Hi Fresca,
    Thanks for dropping by and commenting. I'll have to start paying Susan royalties!
    I know about Torvalds and Linux, but these days (I'm afraid) Finland is viewed only as a hurdle for Canada as they reclaim their (nay, our, my!) birthright and win hockey gold at the upcoming Olympics! Other than that, love the place, hope to visit someday!

    Thanks for your kind words!