Thursday, December 10, 2009

Street Light


  1. Cool shot. I'm amazed at how much detail there is in the shadows. What kind of cell phone is that, anyway?!

  2. Dark glamour of the street light. I really like it. And I'm with Bigezbear: Remarkable detail for a cell phone. You must be very good at holding perfectly still...?

  3. Glenn,
    It's just a generic 2 megapixel camera that came with my crappy SoftBank phone. Strangely, it takes much better pictures at night than in the day. When I look at this shot on my work PC (much better monitor), there's actually more detail than I wanted (and therefore more "noise" that doesn't show up on my home PC monitor).

    Maybe just lots of practice (cell camera is a great boredom-killer!). And thanks for all the other comments!

  4. Eerie! Looks like a shot from "The Crow".