Saturday, December 12, 2009

Kid with a Camera: Self Portraits

My wife and daughter have gone to the in-laws for the weekend. They even took the dog with them. So, I'm basically just bouncing around the condo looking for something to amuse myself. As I whined last night, I'm pretty much dried-out as far as blog post ideas go, and I've got no pics of my own to post right now. However, I stumbled upon some pictures that my daughter took that I'd completely forgotten about, and thought that it might be fun to post some of them.

Regular readers know (or at least probably sense), of course, that I'm one of those fathers who's put his daughter into a special category usually reserved for divine beings or people who have lived long enough actually to have accomplished something. I will never apologize for that (although I certainly understand if you're less than thrilled with my kid's pics). Don't say you weren't warned.

A couple of nights ago I watched my daughter type "egg" into YouTube's search field and then watch her favorite video (go ahead, do it!). I can't even begin to express what a thrill this was for me. It thrills me that she likes to take pictures. I've done next to nothing by way of editing her pics (generally only setting levels automatically; no cropping, etc.). I've given her photos a rough thematic organization, and I hope that after she sees a few of these posts she'll want to start her own blog. Of course that will require being able to upload files, writing, etc. If she's interested, I can't wait to help her.

Anyway, here are a few pics my daughter took of herself:

I really like that last one. Girls are so... strange...


  1. Just talked a couple of days ago with a friend whose ten year old daughter just got a digital camera. Lots of self-portraits.

  2. She's reaching that age of self-consciousness when kids of last generation started staring at themselves on mirrors. Kids this age take self-portraits to start recognizing themselves. And she's quite good. Camera is so steady!
    Ah... they grow up so fast...!