Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Vile, Lying Sack of Shit

As a basically Left-leaning, somewhat existentialist kinda guy, I'm not generally prone to feelings of moral certainty and/or moral superiority. But the utter bile spewing forth from the Right, the American Right in particular, these days is pushing me in that direction. Read the following and then ask yourself this question: Am I a better person than Rush Limbaugh?
Via World-O-Crap, Limbaugh 'discusses' the recent sex scandal involving Representative Mark Foley of Florida:
I have to admit, my friends, I’m a little confused about certain aspects of the situation here involving Mark Foley and the page. […]

Now, the liberals also tell us that sex and gender issues are just lifestyles, not choices. Maybe choices in the case of sex changes like the chopadickoffame and the adadictomy, but these are just lifestyle things, gender and so forth, we’re not to condemn. Any two people can love each other, any four people can love each other. You can define your family however you want, including your animal or animals. This we have been taught by the tolerant left among us. Kids can have sex, too. Not with somebody just in their age-group, alternative lifestyles, but not if the person is sexually active but younger, apparently. So we find here that there are limits. There are things that will offend liberals. Or are there? Because I continue to ask, are they really offended by this? How many of them wish they were in on the action?

So, are you a better person than Rush Limbaugh? I'm certain you are...

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  1. I think the question is, how many people do I need to kill, rape, or molest to become as bad a person as Limbaugh?

  2. well put mate, I particularly liked the heading. Although if I ever even have to *ask* myself if I'm that bad I'll just kill myself. That guy is such scum that other scumbags are embarrassed to be associated with him

  3. The thing is, I'm really not so keen to post about American politics on my blog, but when I read shit like that by scumbags like that I just get so pissed off that I can't help but vent a bit...

  4. Possibly, possibly, but you never quite got round to answering his questions. Just to be helpful:

    "There are things that will offend liberals. Or are there? Because I continue to ask, are they really offended by this? How many of them wish they were in on the action?"

  5. Really David, so long as right wing nuts like Limbaugh directly identify the left with bestiality, child predators, and the like, their (rhetorical) questions are not worth listening to, let alone answering.
    No one on the left is offended that Foley is gay (although the same certainly cannot be said of some of his 'friends' on the right). People of all stripes should be offended by those who prey on minors (the vast majority of whom are, in fact, 'straight').
    Perhaps you could tell me, David, which 'left-wing' group advocates bestiality? Which group says that it's ok to have sex with underage kids? And please, don't cart out some fringe group like NAMBLA, or I'll have to cart out the more obviously influential right-wing fringe groups that advocate the extermination of Jews, gays, blacks, muslims, etc. and identify *you* with them.
    The point is, if you don't honestly believe that *I* advocate the things Limbaugh says I do, then why on earth would you want to go and *insinuate* it?

  6. Indeed, kyklops.

    Because I ask, what really offends The Right? Were they really offended when Red Ken Livingstone's tube trains and buses were bombed? How many of them wish they were in on the action?


  7. Frankly, anonymous, I think Wingnutia is offended by anything that doesn't line its pockets or bow down to its members as bearers of 'the one true way'.