Saturday, October 07, 2006

Kim Jong Il Communication

Sniff... How were we to know? He ain't no delinquent, he's just misunderstood...
[Via Japan Probe]

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  1. Kim's a girl's name - I suspect that's what lies behind all this macho posturing. Still, shame Hans Brix couldn't have stepped in to stop this latest development...

  2. Say what you like about imminent Nucular Armageddon, it's a gift to bloggy headline writers. That must be the best Beastie Boys-derived headline I've read all evening.

  3. Shit: Actually I think 'Kim' is his family name (his father was Kim Il Sung...), similar to the Japanese placing the family name first. Poor Hans, he seems to have become a modern day Cassandra.

    John: Sometimes I have nothing to say, so the headline is all I've got... "Licensed to Il" was also under consideration...