Monday, July 19, 2010


I mentioned a while back that I've been catching up on some TV shows that I like, especially Battlestar Galactica and Lost. I finished Galactica a while ago. Today I watched the first seven episodes of Season 6 of Lost. Whoa!

I have to hand it to the writers of Lost. They're not fucking around. The way they keep moving the plot forward while at the same time giving even more depth to their characters should be appreciated by TV viewers everywhere. Bleh... that sounds lame. Seriously, the writers of Lost rock, and I don't have any problem at all saying that this show is likely one of the best things to ever appear on TV. Hell, they've sucked me into the story.

The writers of Lost have basically thrown in every dramatic "device" one could imagine and managed to make it cohere. And they've developed their characters to such a degree that the viewer has no nagging questions of motivation. When a secondary character says to Ben Linus "I'll have you" rather than killing him, we are not left conflicted. We would have done the same thing.

That's the strength of Lost. In every case, in every situation, wouldn't we all have done the same thing? Is this also a weakness? I'll let you know when I finish.


  1. Lost is profound to me, wonderful in every way. I watched it along as it was broadcast. Nothing's perfect, but Lost is just about my all-time favorite. We could potentially have relationships with every person in that cold, impersonal airport waiting gate. As a matter of fact, we were born into such a gate, and see the relationships we have had with the perfect strangers who were presented to us as family... then with the ones we later select as our own. The "real world" really is profoundly bizarre, mystical, unexplained. The show could literally have gone on forever, but in a way I'm glad it's concluded as it has. sp

  2. Hi, Rick, I am glad you are enjoying the last season of Lost. I am curious to know what will be your reaction to the final episode. Tell us!

  3. Sussah,
    They would have to really blow it in the last few episodes for me to say anything negative about the show--I think it's (at the very least) one of the best TV shows ever.

    I promise, I'll tell you!