Monday, July 26, 2010

Human Rocket

I was looking to post something off the newest Devo album, because I find it so infectious and fun to listen to. Came across this rather dark fan vid for "Human Rocket."

Jarring juxtaposition of music and images, although I can see now the lyrics fit beautifully. If you're bothered by the apparent anti-Muslim images at the beginning, don't worry, there's "balance" [/mad cackle]. There's even an upside down Canadian flag! Yeah! How cool is that?

It's my birthday in about 5 minutes. Thank you Satan!


  1. Happy Birthday! I'm glad they came to put out the fire quickly. have a good year, sp

  2. Thank you Susanna. We were relieved that the restaurant was closed and the fire was quickly put out--there were 10 trucks out there before I even knew what was happening. Just so you know--I would not have been snapping pics if I thought there was anyone in there.