Friday, July 16, 2010

Non-Stop Action

The other morning I witnessed the spectacle of my wife, rolled up piece of newspaper in hand, trying to kill a cockroach. While running away from it. Now, being something of a student of the classics, I got to wondering what Jed Clampett might say in a situation like this. It came to me.

"Pitiful. Pitiful."

"Give me that fucking thing," I said. I grabbed the newspaper out of her hand, and charged at the cockroach. The paper came down. A moment later there was a dead cockroach on the floor. Something in the newspaper caught my eye. I started reading it as I wandered back to my coffee.


  1. A scene worthy of Beckett. Or Hitchcock. Yeah, Hitchcock.

  2. I want to know what article has caught your eye. Was it more interesting than the pleasure after hunting?

  3. Anon.,
    It was baseball standings. I guess the point (if there is one) is that one thing meant no more or less than the other.

  4. Over here we use a flip-flop, and have no timidity. sp

  5. Hi Sussah,
    I've had occasion to kill cockroaches by several means. I'm not timid about it! I'm a pretty reasonable guy with an irrational hatred of cockroaches. I might run from a rat, though. [/shivers]