Friday, July 09, 2010

Looking Up and Down


  1. This is a really good one, what a clear reflection, and the little specks in the sky are perfect. sp

  2. Thanks, Sussah.

    I like this one myself (he said oh, so modestly!).

    He'll get all bashful and stuff if I say this, but I wouldn't have seen anything there if I hadn't already seen a lot of Glenn's pics.

  3. Aw, Rick, thanks. I was gonna tear this thing apart, but now I can't.

    Just kidding ;-)

    On first glance, I was caught off guard. It looked like a portrait-layout shot that hadn't been turned 90 degrees. But I looked closer (one of the secrets of a good picture) and saw that is was right side up. What an intriguing image.

    Cool. No, better than that. Really.

  4. Glenn,

    I know you were kidding about "tearing it apart" because that just isn't your style (well, towards your friends, anyway...).

    And thanks, as always.

  5. Over, under....Psychedelic, man.