Tuesday, April 27, 2010



  1. These new B&W's are outstanding. So, did you get a new camera or what?

  2. A beautiful picture, and a beautiful moment.

  3. I love this park!
    The experience of walking above the water is open to everybody - that's very democratic.
    Wonderful photo!

  4. Glenn,
    All of my recent pic posts have been done with either my cell phone or an old Canon Powershot (lousy 2 megapixels). My "good" camera literally hit the pavement a few weeks ago. Household politics/finances being what they are, I'll (er, *we'll*) likely get a new camera the moment my wife realizes the pics she'd like to print look like shit. ("Yeah, that's too bad honey. You know a new camera isn't really that expensive these days. I could probably fix these if they'd been taken on a newer camera..." Etc.)
    Anyway, necessity is the mother of invention, so I've found myself working more with B&W because I'm not really happy with most of the color shots I've been getting. Thanks for the kind words!

    And thank you Psephis and Claudia!

  5. Well, between those two "low-class" gizmos, you're getting some good results. You know, this guy named Pogue who writes a techie column for the N Y Times has been on a tear for several years saying that whole "higher the pixel" business means squat. Your stuff is proof of that.