Monday, April 05, 2010

Ceiling (2)

When I was a kid I used to have this recurring dream in which I was standing in an empty, black room; just four bare walls, a ceiling and a floor. I had a long pole in my hands. In the dream I would stick the pole up through the ceiling. Every time I did this (and I did it often), another pole would come up through the floor. I couldn't explain it, but it was interesting.


  1. Uh-huh ... you don't want to know.

  2. Glenn,
    Hmm... You mean there wasn't some deep, metaphysical meaning to that dream?

  3. Deep, certainly, but metaphysical? Okay, sure, run with that.

  4. Never bought into that Freud stuff much, if that's what your getting at!
    "Existentialism" ain't the same as "solipsism," to put it somewhat philosophically...

  5. Uh-oh. I may be a morning person, but I have to admit I'm on the downward slope toward submission to daytime TV and a nap. Existentialism vs solipsism? I've become inadequate. Maybe tomorrow ...

  6. Glenn,
    It's just jibber-jabber--don't waste brain cells on it!