Saturday, April 24, 2010

Johnny Cash

I just clicked the first tune of Johnny Cash's last album, Ain't No Grave. Now listening to track two. I can't keep up with this pace, but I'm completely floored by this album.

I can't thank a god that I don't believe in for Johnny Cash. If He/She existed, I sure as fuck would. I would drop down on my knees and thank fucking God for Johnny Cash.

Johnny Cash believed in God. I don't. And I can hear, I can feel, that Johnny Cash himself wouldn't give two flying fucks if I believed in God or not. This is beyond question to me.

I'm overwhelmed by Johnny Cash right now. It's the weirdest fucking thing...


  1. Welcome to the club. The "Cash" club, I mean.

  2. The Cash Club... Yeah, I like that, Glenn.