Friday, April 30, 2010

Outside the Prefectural Auditorium (2)

I think the inside of my head probably looked something like this yesterday morning...


  1. A futuristic vessel cutting the pavement aiming your heart.

    Too much drinking lately?

    I am disappointed with the Jam algorithm... I was expecting something extraordinary as an answer and all we had was a mocking comment from you.

    As a punishment I will give you something to swarm your mind (pay attention to the precious rhymes in those lines):

    "Sing, sing a song

    Sing out loud

    Sing out strong

    Sing of good things not bad

    Sing of happy not sad"

  2. Claudia,
    "Mocking"? I assure you that wasn't my intention. I said in the post that it was "easy"!
    And this is what you do to me? Plant a Crapent-- er, Carpenters song into my aching head? (Yes, I had a hangover from our band's gig. But the day after the gig was a holiday, and I *selflessly* helped my wife who was sick with a cold and played with my daughter, even as my skull felt like it was coming apart! And that's the thanks I get?)

  3. Lucky daughter! (I am not sure about the wife, though ;-)

    What is the repertoire of your band?

  4. Why, Claudia, we play only Carpenters songs!

  5. Including "Bless the Beasts and the Children"?