Monday, March 23, 2009


In Japan no milestone big or small can pass without some sort of formal ceremony to mark the occasion (and annoy the hell out of me). And so yesterday (yeah, a Sunday...) I had to get up at practically the crack of dawn (well, 8:00), put on a suit, and take the family to the "graduation" ceremony of my daughter's kindergarten. The fathers all looked like they had hangovers, and the mothers all cried (ostensibly tears of joy for our little snowflakes moving on to bigger and better things; I suspect, however, they were tears of cynical laughter at their husbands having been forced to get up so unreasonably early on a Sunday morning...).


  1. Lovely photo though, got that whole cinematic thing going on.

  2. Susan,
    Yeah, it's not really a very high-quality shot, but I liked the way it looked.