Friday, August 08, 2008

Weekly Photo Challenge: "Belvedere"

[... "next week's photo challenge will be another easy one: belvedere," he says... easy my ass, easy if you live in New Orleans, maybe... like I can just leisurely walk down the streets of Miyazaki and take my pick of all the lovely belvederes... how would those guys like it if it were my photo challenge and I picked a theme like kotatsu or butsudan or something... damn, I'm gonna need gas soon... bastards... Huh? Oh!...]

... Er, time again for Glenn and Dave's Weekly Photo Challenge. The theme this week is "belvedere." This one really was a bit of a challenge, but thanks to my intimate knowledge (my "photographic" memory, as it were, har har...) of every architectural structure in Miyazaki Prefecture I was able to come up with this photo:

[What? A picture from a "fair view" would have been OK? Dohh!]

"Oh, Belvedere, come here, boy!"


  1. Hey, Dave could have handled the kotatsu, and we both could have managed a butsudan or two. Hell, Dave's butt alone is as big as Sudan.

  2. "What? A picture from a "fair view" would have been OK? Dohh!"

    As fair as a freakin' video!

  3. Dave's butt alone is as big as Sudan

    LOL! He'll probably make you pay for that one!

    Hey you don't see me posting videos for a photo challenge...


  4. you totally stole my idea! That is exactly where my mind went. Doh! BTW, re: Bud's entry: my brother used to live in Korea and he was always sending me the most hilarious scatalogical stuff. They were obsessed with anything poop related! Guess the Japanese are a bit more fastidious? I know it's real mature, but I do think a dog (or cat as in the movie "Clerks") taking a crap is one of the funniest things in nature. Speaks volumes about me, I know...

  5. It is pretty obvious that you are a teacher: the way you introduce and relate different concepts is amazing. You made me laugh my head off... again! =D