Tuesday, August 26, 2008

From the Ministry of Silly Walks

Where to begin with this piece of dreck from The Guardian's website that attempts to smear atheists while promoting... something. This is probably all you need to read:
[...] I don't have a spiritual bone in my body; but what I am, is religious. I believe, literally, in the God of the Old Testament, whom I understand as the Lord of the Jews and the Protestants. I'm a Christian Zionist, as well as a Christian feminist and a Christian socialist. But over the past two decades, almost without me knowing it, the Christian part has become the most important.



  1. That's still among the finest five minutes of television ever aired. The perfect antidote.

    I couldn't make it through that Guardian piece, even though I was only looking for something else to mock. Dreck is the perfect word for it.

  2. Heh, I only included the link in the interests of maintaining academic accountability (insofar as any is to be found here). If I could make this stuff up, I certainly would!

  3. I am not even going to try reading the Guardian piece, I am not that much into masochism. It does strike me though that clearly Christianity and spirituality have nothing in common - and that's something I came to the conclusion about a long time ago.

    And oh, I do love that clip - bloody brilliant!

  4. I am not that much into masochism

    You see the selflessness of the service I perform here!? ;-)