Friday, August 29, 2008

The Birds (2)


  1. With that many birds in one place, htey are surely plotting something. Watch your back.

  2. Great pictures! Also one of my favourite bits in all the movies--Tipi Hedren is waiting for the childred outside their school, and at first there seem to be just a few birds...
    What kind of birds are they? Is it seasonal?

  3. Sornie,
    Here's how it works: they wait until I'm directly under them and then, as one, they begin shitting (I shit you not!). There was one time, though, that an innocent Japanese was caught with me in the downpour...
    So, you can see, it's not my back I have to worry about...

    Thanks! I'm glad I did these in black and white.
    Actually I have no idea what kind of birds these are (they're kind of run-of-the-mill sparrow-y-type things--maybe a bit bigger). This flocking behavior does seem seasonal to me, as it seems to coincide with the post-mating cycle of the cicadas that begin populating the trees earlier in the summer.