Thursday, June 14, 2007

Great Google-y Moogley!

To date, my all-time favorite search-term-that-brought-somebody-here:
hot excited videos from english movies featuring women.

I'm so proud... and I know my Dad would be proud, too... not sure about Mom...


  1. So, um, uh, where are the "hot excited videos from english movies featuring women?" I have searched your site high and low . . .

    Seriously, it is amazing what search terms pull together isn't it? I need to throw in some titillating words on my blog to get a few more readers.

  2. Hi K,
    i love it too. So proud of you too :)

  3. GT,
    if you have no sense of shame (like me), it's amazing the search results you can get from a few goofy posts on stuff like "air sex" or "Japanese gay porn wrestling". Today I discovered that I was the number one search result on Google for "dork with a camera". Heh, it's all about niche!!

    Hi Maliha,
    Thanks! I knew all that education would pay off one day!