Tuesday, June 26, 2007

In a Foul Mood

Sunday morning I woke up with some kind of kink or pinched nerve or some damned thing in my right shoulder. Sunday afternoon I went bowling with my daughter. Sunday night it felt like someone had stabbed me in the shoulder. Yesterday (Monday) morning I could barely move without screaming in agony. I was not happy. I had to cancel my morning classes. I'd never bailed on a university class before, so now I was even more unhappy. I had another class and a meeting in the afternoon, both of which I really couldn't cancel. I was extremely unhappy. End of term is rapidly approaching, so taking time off to nurse a bad shoulder is not really an option. I'm unhappy today. I suspect I'll be unhappy tomorrow...


  1. One to cheer you up: during my second bowling lesson, I was able to perform the perfect slide, but in doing so, my soar knee complained. I screamed so loud that all the other students dropped their balls noisily on the tables. (blush).
    Keep trying. Pain will go away... eventually.

  2. But you're really making me think about things!

  3. Usual Stuff,
    I could deal with a bowling injury. It's the "growing old" pains that are pissing me off.

    Not quite sure how to respond...

  4. Glenn,
    Ahh, now I get it...
    Thanks! I think...