Friday, November 08, 2013

Moonlight Mile

One of my favorite Stones tunes of all time... This one doesn't usually appear on any of the "Best of" compilations. Damned if I know why not...

Simply, it's a beautiful tune. In atmosphere, arrangement, and dynamics it beats the crap out of what most people consider a classic Stones "ballad." Get yourself in the right mood--maybe you'll see what I mean...

NB: I like how the string arrangement does absolutely nothing to make the Stones sound anything more or less like the drug-addled boozers they are. The strings don't make the Stones sound good--the Stones make the strings relevant.

Also of note: In the Stones vs. Beatles "wars," there should be absolutely no question that the Stones played with a dynamic range that the Beatles could only dream of. That's what jamming and playing live give to a band. There are *no* dynamics in any Beatles tune I can think of, because they are all purely products of the studio. (The Beatles were a *pop* band that dabbled in rock; The Stones are a *rock* band that sometimes plays pop; that's a winning formula to me!)

Anyway, have a listen...


  1. The best Stones song ever in my book Rick and has a very specific and deep set of memories tied to it.
    Thank you for posting the video!

    1. Hi Susan.
      Glad you like the tune, and I'm glad it reminded you of (I think/I hope!) something good.