Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Cheap Thrills

So this past Monday (it was a holiday here) I attended a concert at the prefectural auditorium. There were several chorus groups performing, including one my daughter belongs to; the members of most of these groups, however, were umm... a lot older than me...

After the concert I'm waiting outside having a smoke, when a young woman (who had to be at least 75) approached me, camera held out, and politely asked me if I could take a picture of her and a couple of friends (who were also quite "young"). I happily oblige them.

Then the one who'd approached me asked if she could take a picture of me with her two friends. I'm killing time, so why not? I line up between two two frail-looking old women and, in a moment of fancy, put my arms around them and give a big smile. Then, just as the camera clicked, the one to my right grabbed my ass! (Yeah, I couldn't believe it either!)

I let on like nothing had happened, but walked away thinking that growing old might have some secret benefits...


  1. Oh, indeed it does, my friend, indeed it does ;-)