Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Brief note (and possible apology)...

It seems that earlier today one of my email accounts (Hotmail) was hacked and there was a spam email sent to everyone in my contact list. If you received one, please ignore it. It doesn't seem to be particularly dangerous, but it's a definite annoyance.
If you received one, sorry about that!
I've taken steps to prevent anything similar happening in the future.


  1. I got two of them, and since they were totally unlike anything you would ever send, I dumped 'em. Now if I could only dump that guy from Kingston, Jamaica who keeps calling several times a day to tell me I've won second prize in the Megamillions Lottery—plus a car—and that I can get them both if I only send him $495.00, things would be perfect on this side of the world;-)

    1. LOL! They actually *call* with that crap? Sounds pretty work-intensive!